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Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Investigations, Compliance, & Auditing

ASRM specialise in providing internal compliance, auditing and investigation services.  These can be tailored specifically to your business needs.

These range from:

  • Risk identification and minimization strategies including onsite visits and evaluations

  • Performing risk assessments

  • Compliance 

  • Regular & programmed licence checking

  • Incident control and ensuring workplace practices are met

  • Internal auditing

  • Conducting interviews for incident management and control including internal thefts

  • Ensuring legislative requirements are being met (certificates)

  • Site spot checking, covert operations

  • Investigations

  • Provide covert investigations to ensure staff compliance and providing non biased written feedback

  • Statement collection

  • Location investigations

  • Suspected adultery investigations

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